School development plan

At Moorcroft we create a School Development Plan each academic year.


Our main focus this year:

  • Moorcroft will be an environment where students are “immersed” in communication.
  • Pupils at Moorcroft will continue to maintain and consolidate outstanding progress by improving the rigour of assessment procedures.
  • Implement a new Key Stage 4 curriculum to ensure KS4 students make a greater contribution to the life of the school.
  • Implement a new curriculum for students working at Entry level, including meaningful accreditation.
  • Incorporate physiotherapy into Health and Fitness lessons.
  • Students will be more engaged at lunchtime through a greater range of lunchtime activities and clubs.
  • Students will be ready to learn at the start of the morning and afternoon, through a structured start to lessons and embedding of therapies into learning.
  • There will be more wellbeing initiatives for staff, including clear, supportive and constructive debriefings following instances of challenging behaviour.
  • Staff will have more opportunities to develop in specialist areas (e.g. ASD or Challenging Behaviour).
  • Staff will develop greater confidence and competence in using ICT systems.
  • Teaching Assistants will have greater opportunities for professional development in order to help them progress in their careers and to improve job satisfaction.
  • Introduce a new governance structure including greater participation of parents in setting the direction of the school.​

Please click through to read our full Development Plan for this academic year.