School development plan

At Moorcroft we create a School Development Plan each academic year.


Our main focus this year:

  • Communication will be fully embedded across the curriculum and staff will be equipped with an acute understanding of students’ communication needs.
  • Teachers will become experts at meeting the needs of ASD pupils.
  • Students at National Curriculum level will be rigorously challenged to make outstanding progress.
  • Students with complex needs will make outstanding progress through relevant and challenging teaching methods.
  • New teachers will rapidly improve their skills in the classroom through the new academy training programme.
  • Maths will be fully embedded throughout the curriculum, so it becomes more meaningful for all students and will better prepare them for adult life
  • Each student will have a personalised plan to ensure that they follow a pathway that will ensure they are fully prepared for their destination post-Moorcroft
  • Precise and varied evidence of learning will result in better informed target setting.
  • High quality VI provision will enable students with visual impairment to access learning across the curriculum.
  • There will be greater opportunities across the curriculum for students to develop their independence.
  • Students will be fully prepared for adult life with Sixth Form provision fully corresponding to real life.
  • Implement a high quality Health and Fitness programme across the school to enable students to live active and
  • healthy lives.
  • Teaching Assistants will have access to increasing opportunities for staff development including the creation of
  • advanced posts.
  • Students will have access to purposeful homework to consolidate learning.
  • More rigorous tracking of behaviour trends will lead to the implementation and adaptation of action plans to ensure that standards of behaviour continue to rise.


Please click through to read our full Development Plan for this academic year.