Helpful organisations

Here are details of some organisations which you may find useful as a support at home:

Contact a Family

A national charity for families with disabled children who provide information, advice and support.

ADHD Autism Harrow

Supports, educates and empowers individuals with ADHD and/or autism, their families, and the community.


Promotes independence and helping people with disabilities become more confident in life.


A national organisation for promoting the education of young people with severe learning difficulties. They provide a wide range of useful resources.

National Autistic Society 

The main charity for supporting individuals with autism and their families.

Hillingdon Carers

Local support group providing advice, information support and a broad range of services that help carers with their caring roles.

Priory Woods

A favourite site for our students. This site contains a large number of interactive games for young people with learning difficulties


A disability organisation in England and Wales, particularly focusing on those with Cerebral Palsy.


Home of the excellent 'Writings with Symbols' programme.