Helping to prepare our students for their next step and school and beyond is key to build their confidence and self-esteem.

At Moorcroft we prepare students for joining the school and fully support them when they are leaving us.


Year 7

The majority of students join us in year 7.   Many come from Grangewood, but they also come from other schools in and outside Hillingdon.

Once we have confirmation that a student will be joining us the following September we meet with professionals from their feeder school to gain as much information as we can.   In June we have a transition day where professionals from Moorcroft meet with those from feeder schools for a day of information sharing.

In the spring and summer term before they join us, students visit us to get to know the school.   This usually starts with a short walk around followed by an hour’s session about a week later.   This will build up to a full day by July.

This year we have a year 6 class from Grangewood at the Moorcroft site to prepare them for attending secondary school in September.


Students joining mid-year

Students often join us mid-year, often because they have moved into the area or they require a change of placement.   Parents can request a place at Moorcroft by contacting the SEND team for their Local Authority and stating you would like them to consider placing your child at Moorcroft.    Once a place has been requested we will invite you to visit the school with your child.  We will find as much information as we can about them and may contact professionals from their previous school.  Alternatively, we can visit your child at their present school or at home.

Although we aim to place pupils at Moorcroft as soon as possible, some parents feel that a slower transition is needed where they gradually build up their time with us.

Pupils starting in year 7 undertake a comprehensive transition programme. This involves regular visits to the school during the term before entry. We also meet with professionals from feeder schools to exchange vital information. The careers office and a representative from social services attends the year 9 review to help families prepare for post 16 and beyond.


Moving on to Sixth Form

As students move through the school learning becomes more functional and life skills focused.

We have a thriving Sixth Form and very much hope that young people will choose to stay with us until they are 19.   100% of year 11 students in 2015-16 chose to join the Sixth Form in September 2016.

However, from year 9 onwards Annual Reviews will include a discussion about what opportunities are available for your child post 16.   During year 11 students will have the opportunity to take part in Sixth Form “taster courses” throughout the year in preparation for moving on the following September.

We help students choose a pathway relevant to their needs for their time in Sixth Form.   We offer the following pathways with a bespoke study programme:

  • Academic Pathway
  • Employment Pathway
  • Community Pathway
  • Mixed Pathway

Our Sixth Form curriculum includes such functional subjects as Personal Growth, Making Contributions, Hobbies, Health and Fitness, Current Affairs, etc.

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