Our Local Governing Body

Our Local Governing Body is responsible for the quality of educational provision, for ensuring that Moorcroft complies with statutory requirements and for reflecting the views of its stakeholders in its future strategy and direction.

Its purpose is to ensure that the following elements of the work of the school are suitably monitored and challenged:

  • The quality of educational provision and performance (including curriculum and standards and achievement)
  • In conjunction with the finance committee (via the LGB representative on the finance committee), all aspects of the management of finances (including ensuring that the school is operating in accordance with the Funding agreement signed with the Secretary of State)
  • In conjunction with the Head of Finance and Resources, (via the LGB representative on the Asset Management committee) all aspects of the management of property (including Health and Safety)
  • All personnel issues 

As Governors, we make every effort to ensure that Moorcroft is a family school which provides an open, welcoming environment and where the pupils, all special young people, are challenged to do their very best.

Margaret Bird, Retired Chair of Governors


Board of Directors

The Chair of Governors (or their nominated representative) from Moorcroft School and from the other Academy schools sit on the Board of Directors, in addition to a group of other Directors that have been chosen for their extensive skills and experience in areas such as education, finance and asset management.

To read more about their role, please see our Eden Academy website.