Our Local Advisory Board

Moorcroft School is part of Eden Academy Trust; a multi-academy trust (MAT). Governance of all schools in the Trust is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.  Information about their role and governance of the Trust can be found on the  Eden Academy Trust Website.   Up until July 2017 Moorcroft had a local governing body and minutes are available to the left of this page.   However, in September each school will have a Local Advisory Board (LAB) to support with school development and improvement.   

The Local Advisory Boards’ role is to provide advice and support to an individual school within the Trust in order that it achieves its aims. The LABs are designed to enable key stakeholders to get involved in the life of the school and the academy, contribute to its development and promote the school within the community. Individual members of the LABs act as representatives for their school on the committees of the Board of Trustees including the finance and asset management committees.

The LABs will have direct contact with the Board of Trustees through the Trustee with the LAB portfolio. Whilst LAB committee members will need to be associated with one school (so they can get to know it well), they are also welcome to indicate that they are willing to use their expertise across the Trust for board work (such as disciplinary or grievance procedures). Terms of office for LABs will be for 3 years. It is expected that the LAB will reflect a range of stakeholder views and will always include two parents.   

The Local Advisory Board will;

  • pursue the overarching vision and aims of the Eden Academy Trust, learning from best practice and taking into account local circumstance
  • contribute to the formation of the school’s development plan and actively engage in supporting the delivery plan for it
  • have an in-depth knowledge of the school, its standards, its strengths and weaknesses so that individual members can actively contribute or identify expertise that supports improvements in teaching and learning
  • act as representatives on committees set up by the Board of Trustees
  • undertake any tasks delegated to them by the Board of Trustees
  • actively engage in the development of plans for improving local infrastructure, resourcing and asset management
  • act as panel members on complaints panels, disciplinary panels, appeals panels, grievance panels and at contract reviews to the levels identified in the scheme of delegation
  • actively build links with the local stakeholders (particularly parents)
  • support and advise the Headteacher / HoS