Work experience

At Moorcroft we encourage our students to have high aspirations and to pursue their dreams and talents.

We also want our young people to become active and productive members of the community.


Work-related learning

In order to understand the world of work we provide work-related learning to all the students in Key Stage 4. In Sixth Form, depending on the pathway that a student and their family showed preference for, we offer bespoke work experience or work training programme.

  • Work experience takes place in a real working environment in the local community.
  • Placements are provided by our local trusted partners.
  • Work training is a programme of a long-term in-school placement options personalised to the aspirations and talents of a young person.

What is more, all students follow our Making Contributions course, in which they learn how to produce goods for profit, how to participate in voluntary activities and how to make relationships within social groups in the community. ​