At Moorcroft we recognise that the personal development of our students plays a significant part in successful preparation them for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities in their adult life.

We therefore foster spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students in a wide range of contexts, for example through:


Spiritual development

  • self esteem
  • valuing opinions of others
  • understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • wonder and mystery of the natural world
  • celebrating success


Moral development

  • responding to views of others
  • making informed choices
  • responsibility for own actions
  • discouraging bullying
  • telling the truth


Social development

  • individual and group identity
  • bring productive in society
  • conflict resolution
  • citizenship
  • co-operation


Cultural development

  • diversity
  • local, national and global belonging
  • artisitic events
  • tolerance
  • inclusion


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