Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form our overall aim is to make our pupils as independent as possible in their own lives. A significant amount of time is spent on Home and Community Skills whilst continuing to ensure students reach their personal potential in the core areas of Communication, Literacy & Language. Teaching takes place in modules - some of which will be compulsory - but pupils are also be able to make choices about what they study.


Personalised targets

Each pupil has personalised targets for each unit, set for them by one of the teachers in the Upper School. Students spend a significant amount of time with a key worker, moving between units. This ensures staff become aware of the specific needs of individual pupils. Pupils will, however, not spend all week with their key worker as they all need to be able to work with a variety of adults. In order to facilitate this, all of our students are also part of a pastoral group, each of which will be led by a teacher.

When joining the Sixth Form our young people discuss what destination they are aiming at in their future. On this basis they follow one of the following pathways or mixture of pathways:

  • academic pathway
  • employment pathway
  • community pathway (including option of supported living pathway)

The pathways differ in respect of the content and the balance of the timetable.


As well as their core courses, our sixth form students make decisions about what non-core courses they would like to follow.

Sixth Form courses on offer consist of:

  1. Core skills
  2. Digital literacy
  3. Current affairs
  4. Health and fitness
  5. Hobbies (chosen by the students), e.g. Gardening, Cooking, Creativity, Dance, Beauty, etc.
  6. Enterprise
  7. Work experience
  8. Work training
  9. Social relationships, e.g. link with DASH and other Sixth Forms
  10. College links
  11. Self-reliance

  • Home management
  • Food preparation
  • Looking after myself
  • Shopping
  • Community access, e.g. shopping, eating out
  • Travelling


Residential trip

We also run residential trips for our Sixth Form students which give them a chance to be more independent, develop their friendships and try something new.