Lower School

In the Lower School our curriculum is personalised to our individual pupils' needs, with the clear aim of taking them on the next step of their learning journey.



Our curriculum in Key Stage 3 (KS3) reflects progression from primary to secondary settings. The lesson content is both age-appropriate and motivating to our students and the curriculum involves:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Digital Literacy

In today’s world it is essential for our students to be able to use ICT devices as a learning tool, communication tool, for leisure, in daily living and for access. Our students learn these skills both in a distinct lesson and across the curriculum.


Skills for 'Learning for Life'

Skills for 'Learning for Life' are embedded in everything we do. We equip our students with the skills in the following areas:

  1. Community programme
  2. College
  3. Meal preparation
  4. PSHEC
  5. Daily living skills
  6. Hidden curriculum
  7. Behaviour for learning


Food Technology

Food Technology is taught in our specialist cooking room. This subject allows our students to practice their Maths, English and life skills in a functional context.


Special Project

Special Project is a subject with a half-termly theme, which allows us to address personalised science, art, DT, history, geography and music targets in a meaningful and highly motivating context. It also allow students to secure the skills necessary to be successful in Sixth Form, e.g. to be able to make informed choice of hobbies and leisure options in the communit,y and to have the skills necessary to contribute to Enterprise.  

Here is a list of the areas we will cover this year: 

  • Autumn 1 – Events of our life
  • Autumn 2 – Materials
  • Spring 1 – Movement
  • Spring 2 – Community
  • Summer 1 – Seasons
  • Summer 2 – International studies


  • Autumn 1 – My friends and family
  • Autumn 2 –  Materials and their properties
  • Spring 1 – Environment
  • Spring 2 –  Celebrations
  • Summer 1 – Our bodies and changes
  • Summer 2 – Work experience


Current Affairs

The purpose of learning about current affairs is to understand matters arising locally and nationally such as the latest news on TV, an upcoming festival or celebration, life events of students or an interesting social story. This subject aims at Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development and at developing students' citizenship skills. It provides our students with a breadth of knowledge about the wider world as well as ensuring a weekly element of novelty in the curriculum.


Health and Fitness

In KS3 our students not only develop gross and fine motor skills, but they also learn about a healthy and moderate lifestyle as well as healthy nutrition.

Our students regularly visit their local community. They also attend swimming sessions at William Byrd Pool. In KS3 all the students and their families set aspirations for the future, taking into account their talents.


Key Stage 4

When pupils reach Key Stage 4 (KS4), there is greater emphasis on developing functional and life skills.

In KS4 our students apply all their skills into real-life situations and they develop their planning and organisation skills through functional activities, such as organising a picnic, preparing a meal or doing small household chores.  What is more, they continue to develop their independence and social skills.

  1. Students in KS4 not only develop their fitness through daily physical exercise but they also make healthy choices and look after their bodies.
  2. KS4 students follow a structured weekly community programme to do shopping in the supermarkets, etc. They also visit a local library and borrow books of their own interest.
  3. In weekly Work-Related Learning our young people visit real places of work to be able to make informed choices in the future. They also simulate different jobs.
  4. At the end of Key Stage 4 we analyse talent maps with our students and their families, which allows them to make informed choices about post-16 provision.

If you would like further information in the School Curriculum please contact Olga Toulkeridou by emailing info@moorcroftschool.co.uk or by telephoning the school at 01895 437799.