Albert Bridge

Albert Bridge is our specialist provision for students who require a multi-sensory approach to learning.

In Albert Bridge we incorporate our students' physiotherapy, speech and language and occupational therapy programmes into their daily timetable.

Gabriel Da Silva, Albert Bridge Teacher

We use such approaches such as Intensive Interaction and Total Communication to allow our students to make choices and decisions throughout the day, and we provide specialist support for students with sensory impairments.

In Albert we use a wide range of activities, such as Intensive Interaction, sensory exploration, sensory stories, cause and effect activities and adapted technology provision. Our curriculum strands focus on the development of expressive and receptive skills, problem solving and exploration, skills for learning and life and body control.

Our main goal is to empower our students and develop their self-advocacy skills. We want them to actively communicate their needs and make choices and decisions about themselves as well as learn how to exert control over their environment through a range of highly personalised activities; they are active participants in their learning and their daily routines.

We place a large emphasis on the process of lifelong learning, as we want our students to enjoy the opportunities in life to the fullest, make friends and experience success.

What is more, we always acknowledge that our students are young adults and we reflect this in age-appropriate and highly stimulating activities. We want the personalities of our students to shine through and we respect their individual preferences.

Our students have also opportunities to integrate within both the school and the wider community. This takes place through educational visits, weekly departmental assemblies, cross-school curriculum events and performances.