At Moorcroft we believe that each student in an individual with their own talents and interests. Therefore, we personalise our target setting and assessment to match individual needs to give a true reflection of individual progress.

We use a basket of assessment tools to measure the progress of our students:

  • P-levels
  • planned learning outcomes
  • staff judgements about personal and social development


We triangulate data from all three assessment sources to make a final judgement about achievement.


Language of Assessment

  • Attainment - the current level of ability of a student
  • Progress – the difference in attainment over a period of time
  • Achievement – the how good the progress is relative to various factors, e.g. health, starting point, etc.


Highlights of last year's results

  1. Progress in P-levels is outstanding in English, Maths in KS3 and KS4 as it is high in comparison with national data.
  2. Overall progress in P-Levels is outstanding
  3. Overall progress in P-Levels is improving over time – solidly good in 2014/2015, outstanding in 2015/2016.
  4. Progress against personal targets for the whole school is outstanding.
  5. Progress in Personal and Social Development (PSD) for the whole school is outstanding.
  6. When triangulating overall judgements achievement is outstanding for the whole school.