At Moorcroft we believe that each student is an individual with their own talents and interests. Therefore, we personalise our target setting and assessment to match individual needs to give a true reflection of individual progress.

We use a basket of assessment tools to measure the progress of our students:

  • P-levels
  • Planned Learning Outcomes (personal targets)


We assess our Planned Learning Outcomes, using a 10 point scale called MAPP, which is in use in many special schools.  We compare data from all  assessment sources to make a final judgement about achievement.


Language of Assessment

  • Attainment - the current level of ability of a student
  • Progress – the difference in attainment over a period of time
  • Achievement – the how good the progress is relative to various factors, e.g. health, starting point, etc.


Highlights of  results for 2016-17

  1. Progress in P-levels is outstanding in English and Maths in KS3 and KS4, as it is significantly high in comparison to national data.
  2. In Key Stage 3, 84% of pupils met their Upper Quartile Targets in English with 48% exceeding these targets.  In Maths, 83% achieved their Upper Quartile target with 50% exceeding them.  Compared to progression guidance 2009-10, 25% of pupils are expected to meet their Upper Quartile Target.
  3. In Key Stage 4, 75% of pupils met their Upper Quartile Targets in English, with 25% exceeding this target.   In Maths, 83% met their Upper Quartile target and 50% exceeded this target.
  4. Overall progress in P-Levels is improving over time – solidly good in 2014/2015, outstanding in 2015/2016 and outstanding in 2016-17.
  5. Progress against personal targets for the whole school is outstanding.  97% made expected progress, with 39% exceeding expectations.
  6. When amalgamating overall judgements achievement is outstanding for the whole school.